The Worst Laid Plans

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Yo, boss, see that new bad number the school district's come up with?

BE: I saw the item about another $35 million hole.

JB: You know that's on top of the alleged $629 million hole, right?

BE: How can a hole be on top of a hole?

JB: Hey, it's the Philly school district. It's new physics.

BE: Hope they know more about physics than they seem to know about math.

JB: And politics. And governing. And common sense. That new hole is blamed on the state.

BE: Because?

JB: Because the district was "counting" on $57 million from the Legislature in reimbursement payments for its charter schools. That's why Nutter went to the Capitol earlier this month. To talk up that money.

BE: Wait. Didn't you write about that at the time? Didn't you say there was no way?

JB: I did. And I did. And the headline said "Nutter Gets a Capital N-O at the Capitol." Here's the piece.

BE: And that piece also mentioned the amount of credibility the district has in Harrisburg.

JB: Which is next to nil. Which is why it's strange that the district money-counters would count on this money or pretty much anything from the Legislature or act even remotely surprised or put out when it doesn't come.

BE: Makes you wonder what else they count on that exists only in their minds.

JB: I don't know. Success? Fiscal responsibility? Exceptional leadership?

BE: Well, maybe this new crisis will cause Queen Arlene to cancel her trip to France.

JB: Cancel it? She should go and stay. Grrrr. Or rather les grrrr.