The Latest Ad Wars

In the event the presidential campaign, such as it is, is washing over you like a summer shower, allow me to bring you up to date.

Two new ads from the Romney and Obama camps pretty much confirm that both sides are more interested in spending millions to rip each other apart rather than in offering anything to bring the country together.

Obama is at Romney's throat yet again on issues of Romney's taxes and wealth, this time suggesting maybe there were years in which Mitt paid no taxes at all.

The ad's called "Makes You Wonder" and was running in Pennsylvania Tuesday during a Romney visit to the state.

You can watch it here.

Meanwhile, the Romney camp unleashed a spot called "Where did all the money go?" that tags Obama for cronyism in awarding federal stimulus cash.

The ad says the money went to friends, donors, campaign supporters and special interests.

CNN reports it starts running Thursday in Iowa, North Carolina and Virginia with a buy of $1.4 million.

You can watch it here.

Campaign responses are predictable.

“With no rationale for reelection and no plan to help middle-class Americans, President Obama has resorted to running a campaign of distraction, distortion and dishonesty,” said Romney spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg.

And the Obama campaign's Lis Smith said of Romney, "Launching a warmed over and false line of attack that has already been debunked by independent news organizations and fact-checkers won't help him."

Both ads are red meat for true believers on both sides but neither adds a shred of insight into what either candidate offers the country during the next four years.

Instead of engaging voters such TV warfare gives voters reasons to tune out. And that's a shame.