State of the Union Extras

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: GRRR, I didn't have space or time on deadline to get enough fun stuff into today's column on last night's State of the Union.

BE: The State of the Union speech was fun? Like how?

JB: Like Obama giving Chaka Fattah a presidential hug when it was over.

BE: Guess they're friends, huh?

JB: Yep. Didn't see him hug Boehner though.

BE: Well, he did cite Boehner as an example of the American Dream noting he began sweeping floors in his father's Cincinnati bar and rose to be Speaker of the House.

JB: I think that was just to make him cry.

BE: OK, what else?

JB: Loved the lady from North Carolina, Kathy Proctor, who at 55, after working in the furniture industry since she was 18, is now getting a bio-tech degree. The camera caught her turning to her right, then her left, mouthing "that's me" while Obama talked about her.

BE: A nice moment.

JB: And how about that Brandon Fisher guy from Berlin, Pa., whose little company, Center Rock, came up with a plan to rescue the Chilean miners?

BE: The creative power of private enterprise.

JB: And I laughed out loud when Obama was talking about passage of "don't ask, don't tell" and the camera showed a group of uniformed military brass sitting dour-faced on their hands while most everybody else applauded.


JB: But mostly, I liked the smoothness of Obama who somehow is able to announce a freeze in spending while calling for big new investments in infrastructure, research and education, which the AP says doesn't appear to add up.

BE: Maybe math isn't his strong suit.

JB: Certainly not as strong as speechifying, eh? Win the future! Do big things! Grrrr.