Sound and Fury

And so a new year begins full of sound and fury.

There is no headlong dive off the dreaded "fiscal cliff."

Does that signify a new way in Washington or represent but a respite on the partisan path of politics as usual?

Gov. Corbett starts his year by suing the NCAA over real or perceived offenses to the power that is Penn State.

Is it justice he seeks, or political reprieve from Penn State lovers who feel he acted to slowly regarding Sandusky and too quickly regarding Paterno?

Andy Reid is predictably gone and the Eagles reportedly are talking with Penn State's Bill O'Brien.

The later pulled PSU from its misery to an 8-4 season of unexpected success after starting out 0-2; if O'brien comes to Philly can he pull the Eagles from misery as well?

The Pennsylvania Legislature returns to "work" amid shifting national attitudes regarding two subjects long taboo in the halls of Harrisburg: gun control and gay rights.

Will the Newtown massacre and the spread of legal same-sex marriage (now in nine states, including neighbors Maryland and New York) push PA lawmakers toward a new direction?

Or are these events in other places flashpoints that will fade at home?

What lies ahead? What would Shakespeare say?

He might quote Macbeth in Act 5, Scene 5 and call all of this (and more) "a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

(And, yeah, I know, save your comments, that makes me the idiot.)