So Much for Cooperation

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a BE)

JB: Well, that cooperation thing is sure off to a shaky start?

BE: What cooperation? Ed Rendell and non-wussy Chinese calculus fans?

JB: No. Our two senators, Democrat Casey and Republican Toomey were supposed to sit beside each other at the State of the Union.

BE: Didn't happen?

JB: Nope. According to the Allentown Morning Call, they couldn't find two seats together.

BE: What? Aren't there like hundreds and hundreds of seats?

JB: Yep. Apparently, they wandered the chamber and came up empty. One wag asks me if this means their both incapable of accomplishing squat.

BE: Seems like a fair question: How many senators does it take to find two seats?

JB: Then there's the state Legislature.

BE: Oh boy. What are they up to?

JB: Same ole, same ole.

BE: Specifics?

JB: Yesterday, House Republican leaders tried to move some minor reform bills. Democrats wanted to offer some amendments, open a dialogue, have a debate. Republicans shut `em down.

BE: So much for cooperation in the interest of the public, eh?

JB: You bet. Democrats, according to a report, are calling it an "attack on democracy" and "muzzling" the voice of the people and a "halt to reform."

BE: Sounds serious.

JB: It led to catcalls, cursing, booing and a walkout by Democrats.

BE: So the new session is off to a promising start.

JB: Promising to be more of the same silly partisan bickering that gives elected officials a bad name.

BE: They should sit down together and work things out.

JB: Yeah. They could get Casey and Toomey to find them some seats.