Shut `Er Down

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Ya gotta love Washington.

BE: Why?

JB: I mean these live-in-a-bubble, egomaniacal, politcally driven dopes are about to shut down the federal government. These protected, privileged pinheads wouldn't know the real world if it crawled up behind them and bit them in the ass. And while they...

BE: Wait, wait, don't tell me. You're about to say if they shut down the government they STILL GET PAID...

JB: That's right, boss. Members of Congress and the multimillionaire in the White House will continue drawing salaries in a shutdown because, you know, that's the law. And who do think writes and approves the laws.

BE: They're all so "essential," how could we expect them to work for nothing?

JB: Maybe because THAT'S WHAT THEY'RE WORTH! Because they can't get jack done. Maybe because half the members of Congress are MILLIONAIRES! LOOK!

BE: Well, that's the way a plutocracy is supposed to work. Oh wait, we live in a democracy. I forgot. It doesn't seem fair.

JB: Not fair? Not fair? It's theft! Oh, and I LOVE the fact that we'll go through this whole nonesense about "non-essential" federal employees not working. If they're so GD "non-essential," why do they have taxpayer-funded jobs in the first place?

BE: I guess I should forget about going to the annual Cherry Blossom parade.

JB: The only thing that's blossoming in Washington is hypocrisy. Check out this piece from Huffington Post detailing the real cause of our government's financial mess and exactly what the House Republican leadership is fighting over.

BE: You know, I'm stuck on Congress still getting paid. It's like the National Zoo. It'll close. But the animals will still be fed.

JB: Exactly so. GRRRR!