Shooting Flies With Shotguns

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Good news, boss, your state lawmakers are cracking down on the state's public problems.

BE: School funding? Joblessness? Health-care costs?

JB: I mean REAL problems. Voter fraud. Gun rights.

BE: Gun rights?

JB: Yep. The legislature just sent a "castle doctrine" bill to the Guv expanding citizen rights to blast away when threatened at home, at work, anywhere you roll.

BE: Lock & load, baby!

JB: Never mind that the spokesman for the statewide DA's association tells the online news service the bill is "a solution in search of a problem," we're not gonna let people threaten us in this state.

BE: So I can shoot a guy I don't like just for walking up my driveway, tell the cops he made a threat and get away with murder? Cool! Does the Guv sign it?

JB: You betcha. Poppa Grizzly. Grrr.

BE: And voter fraud?

JB: House is still debating it but it'll pass. It requires voter ID photos every time you vote. It's part of a national push in states controlled by the GOP. Democrats say it's a new way to discourage older people and poorer folks without drivers licenses to go through another hoop in order to vote.

BE: But it attacks the problem of voter fraud, yes?

JB: And what a problem! Inky report today on the debate notes that of six million Pennsylvanians voting in `08 a total of four were charged with fraud.

BE: Well, not next time, brother. Those four and their ilk are cooked!

JB: Yep. So what if the state starts a new program and pays for ID cards for those who need them? (By one estimate the program could cost $11 million.) We've got money to burn.

BE: Thankfully. Will it pass and will the Guv sign it?

JB: Does a bear shoot in the woods?

BE: Are you threatening me?

JB: Grrrr.