Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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Sen. Stack's shredding service

Philly state Sen. Mike Stack is offering a free shredding service Saturday. Maybe he should have offered it years ago when some of his colleagues could have used it.

Sen. Stack's shredding service

Mike Stack
Mike Stack

Just when you think you've seen everything in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania politics comes an offer from a politician for a free shredding service.

Philly Democratic state Sen. Mike Stack issued a press release Thursday saying that his office located in the Parkwood Shopping Center at Academy Road and Medford Road in the great northeast is offering a "shredding event."

The release says the event is a "free opportunity to safely get rid of sensitive documents" and will be held Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon.

"Stack’s event will give TV stations and newspapers a great photo opportunity as people drive up to the senator’s office door as he and his staff unload the deliveries and shreds (sic) the documents," the release says.

Interested parties can bring up to three boxes of documents. No mention of box-size limits.

Two things: when you think of a politican and shredding "sensitive documents" only one thing comes to mind; and when you think of the timing of this event, I'm betting former legislative colleagues of the Senator -- and now I'm thinking Fumo, Perzel, DeWeese, etc. -- wish Stack would have offered this service some years ago.

And while the prospect of "a great photo opportunity" could be a deterrent for some pols, it's possible a few members of City Council or a couple local union officials or maybe some current lawmakers might find the service attractive.

After all, it's sponsored by Polonia Bank whose motto is "Providing Future Security."

And, since Stack is among a gaggle of Democrats looking at a run for governor next year, this could win some points with fellow-officeholders.

Oh, and there were two Stack press releases. The first said the event is Sept. 14. The second "corrected" release apologized and said the event is Sept. 20. Guess that means we can, you know, shred the first release.



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