Saturday, May 23, 2015

School Shooter??!!

A new video game lets players shoot students & teacher in school.

School Shooter??!!

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Are you effin' kiddin' me? School Shooter??!! GRRR!

BE: You've finally lost it, haven't you?

JB: Somebody has. There's a new video game that allows players to stalk and shoot students and teachers in school.

BE: You've lost it.

JB: I'm serious. State Rep. Larry Curry, D-Montco, just issued a statement warning parents and teachers about the impending release of the game and is pressing for a House resolution to alert folks to it.

BE: He's making this up. Or you're making all this up.

JB: I wish. The game-makers, Checkboarded Studios, say the game (School Shooter: North American Tour) involves a "disgruntled student" who decides to become "the best school shooter ever." It says players arm themselves with weapons used by previous school shooters, including Eric Harris' Tech-9 and Dylan Klebold's sawed-off shotgun.

BE: The Columbine shooters.

JB: Exactly. The company pulled the game video from its website but you can see a sample here.

BE: Unbelievable.

JB: Curry says, "The lack of empathy this game shows for school shooting victims, their families, friends and other loved ones is upsetting and disrespectful."

BE: At a minimum. But what can you do? It's a game. It's a free country. And maybe the company won't release it. Maybe it's a tease to get the company attention.

JB: Maybe someone should make another game: Video Company Shooter: Worldwide Tour. GRRR!!





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