Thursday, September 18, 2014
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Scary Pols for Halloween

Harrisburg activist Gene Stilp is back with a new take on the push to change the state's system of award Electoral College votes; pretty scary, kids.

Scary Pols for Halloween

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Yo, boss, you remember Gene Stilp, right?

BE: Sure, Harrisburg activist, political gadfly, creator of the pink pig to protest the legislative payraise.

JB: We'll he's back in action for Halloween with, count `em, two political tricks that, for many, are a real treat.

BE: Do tell.

JB: Today, he scheduled a Capitol news conference condemning the attempt to change the state's system of awarding Electoral College votes in next year's presidential election.

BE: The plan put forth by Senate Republican Leader Dominic Pileggi to award the votes on the basis of congressional districts instead of the current winner-take-all system.

JB: Key-rect. Stilp's visuals? A six-foot depiction of Pileggi as Count Dracula, complete with fangs, and a silver stake to "drive through the heart" of Pileggi's plan.

BE: Oh boy.

JB: While Stilp was passing out his press release he told me Pileggi wants to count, "Vun, two, tree electoral votes!"

BE: A funny guy.

JB: There's more. He recently distributed homemade Halloween masks of state Sen. Jane Orie of Pittsburgh.

BE: The former Senate leader, still in office but facing a corruption retrial and possibly new charges related to forgery and perjury that grew out of her first trial, which ended in a mistrial.

JB: You know your stuff. Anyway, Stilp made life-size masks out of a full-color reproduction of an Orie photo in which she's offering a classic Orie scowl, sorta like this.


JB: You can cut it out and wrap around your face. The directions say: "Cut along lines. Put on head. Go Insane."

BE: That Stilp is one creative guy.

JB:  Yeah, but that Orie mask? Pretty scary, kids. Grrr.





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