Romney's Late Rush

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Yo, boss, looks like your boy Rick is slipping on the slope to Super Tuesday.

BE: Whaddya mean? Even YOU suggest in today's column that Santorum could be a spoiler who throws the GOP convention open in August.

JB: Yeah, because of the shared delegate structure new to the party primary system. But you know as well as I do that perception trumps all. And the growing perception, if new polls are right, is that Mitt's moving in for the kill.

BE: Polls change.

JB: And today, three new ones show Mitt with momentum and slight leads in Ohio and even in Tennessee, two key states in tomorrow's 10-state voting. Here are details:

1) A Quinnipiac Poll released this morning says Romney has "momentum" and a 34-31 lead in Ohio, a 10-point swing from just a week ago when Santorum led in the same poll 36-29.

2) Public Policy Polling says "the news is good" for Mitt in Ohio where he now holds a 37-36 lead over Santorum because late-deciding voters are breaking his way by a margin of 40-28.

3) We Ask America polling cites Mitt's apparent "late surge" in Tennessee where Santorum led just days ago. The poll says Mitt, Rick or Newt could win. The numbers are Mitt 30, Rick, 29, Newt 29; but it cites what seems to be "an impressive come-from-behind surge" by Mitt.

BE: The only poll that counts is the poll on Election Day.

JB: Right you are, chief, but it also looks like Mitt's campaign is orchestrating a series of conservative endorsements timed to coincide with tomorrow's vote. Check out The New York Times piece today.

BE: So a battle-weary Republican Party is reluctantly ready to turn to the rich Mormon who can't connect with anyone other than Nascar team owners or those who drive a "couple of Cadillacs?"

JB: Could be. Gotta count the votes tomorrow. Still a long way to go. And clearly Mitt's capable of further self-inflicted wounds.

BE: Yeah, but so's my boy Rick. Grrrr.

JB: Hey, take heart. It ain't over til, well, you know when.

BE: Do I hear music?