Rick's Resurgence?

(A brief disucssion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Yo, boss, did you see your boy Rickie riding high in Harrisburg?

BE: I assume you mean my man Santorum. But, no, what did he do now?

JB: Well, you'd never know it what with our liberal lame-stream media, but Rick rocked the house at a statewide Republican Party meeting Friday in the capital city and he wasn't even there.

BE: He's a wily one all right, capable of exerting influence over long distances.

JB: Apparently so. See, the state GOP held this straw poll among its usually staid, follow-the-trends membership and you'd figure the two front-running Republicans, Perry and Mitt, would carry the day.

BE: Yes you would.

JB: And you'd be wrong. Rick (and I don't mean Rick Perry) won the poll with 35% of the vote. And he did so in the presence of a powerful GOP guest speaker, Republican National Committee chief Reince Priebus.

BE: That's great. Did Rick gloat?

JB: Again, he wasn't there. Wife Karen spoke, telling the crowd the race remains "wide open." She said, "We should not let the national media pick the candidates." You can read one of the very few media reports (from Politico) here.

BE: And Perry and Mitt?

JB: Finished second and third: Mitt with 25%, Perry with 18%. Nobody else cracked double-digits.

BE: Rick's resurging!

JB: Well, if so it's only in Pennsylvania. According to the latest average of national polling maintained by the realclearpolitics.com website, Rick remains stuck at 2%, ahead of only Huntsman at 1%.

BE: Ya gotta start somewhere. Run, Rick, Run!

JB: Yeah, but this IS his home state and the poll isn't binding or really worth anything and this race started long ago and is now a two-person showdown unless someone new and different pops up.

BE: But just wait til news of this staw poll victory goes national. Just wait! GRRRR!

JB: Hey, that's my line.