Rick's Best Idea Yet!

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Boss, didya see your boy Rick finally came up with a great idea?

BE: On education? Contraception? Islamic radicals in Latin America? Women staying home? Oh, wait, I know, on Romney being "the worst" Republican?

JB: Hey, that was taken out of context.

BE: That's what they all say.

JB: True. But I'm talking about his comments Saturday that losing the 2006 PA Senate race was a "tremendous gift" from the people of PA that made him a better person.

BE: It got him out of Washington, which is always a good idea. But why is that better than  his other ideas?

JB: Think it through. We should make a lot more of our elected officials "better people." We should hand a lot more of them a "gift."

BE: Aha! Term limits.

JB: Exactly. Rick said getting drummed out of office helped him get in touch, made him, in his words, "able to see the frustration that I've been hearing from you...a frustration that, to be honest, didn't quite resonate with me."

BE: So we could help others, hopefully many others, see our frustrations by freeing them from the blindness of public office.

JB: Bingo!

BE: But Rick's trying to get back into public office.

JB: Only because he now sees the light, thanks to getting whipped.

BE: Like Abraham Lincoln! Abe got beat in his Senate race and later became one of our greatest presidents. Rick's like Abraham Lincoln!

JB: Yeah. That's exactly who he's like. Grrrrr.