Rickie on Romney


If Rick Santorum is anything, he is consistent.

He, for example, was consistently critical of Mitt Romney during the GOP primary race. He pounded the Mittman harder and longer than even the sharp-tongued Newt.

And the basic message was always the same: Romney is the wrong Republican to run against Obama.

Well, on the eve of Mitt’s coronation in Tampa, Rick remains a bearer of bon mots when it comes to Romney’s chances come November.

In an interview with Howard Kurtz for The Daily Beast, Rick said the following:

“If the campaign is about issues, we win. If it’s about Mitt Romney’s record as a businessman, then we don’t win. If it’s about Mitt Romney’s tax returns, then we don’t win. If it’s about whether people like Mitt Romney more than Barack Obama, then we don’t win.”


Let’s see. Rick likely would say his comments are taken out of context if anyone in the liberal elite media were to point out sort of obvious conclusions about his comments, but here goes anyway.

A focal point of Mitt’s campaign is his ability to better manage the economy based mostly on his experience as a successful businessman. Yet Santorum suggests that record is not a winning one.

A backdrop of the race is Democrats’ contention that Mitt’s un-yielded tax returns prove that he’s got either politically-questionable investments or so much money overseas at a time the U.S. economy needs investments at home that he can be painted as a rich person who prizes profit over patriotism. So Rick suggests that discussion equals a Romney loss.

Finally, since so many elections are flooded with issues, facts, counter-facts and blurred arguments and often turn on something as simple as the likability of the candidate, Santorum flat out says people don’t like Mitt as much as they like Obama. And a new USA Today/Gallup Poll says Obama holds a 23-point advantage over Romney in likeability.

So Santorum might prove to be more than consistent. He might prove in this instance to be right – no matter what he says in his convention speech scheduled for Tuesday.