Rick & Michele -- At it Again

Rick Santorum & Michele Bachmann, those fun-loving Republican candidates for president, seem to be starring in their own version of a Punch & Judy show.

Except instead of whacking each other on the head, they each are content to hit themselves.

The latest self-imposed smacks, reported over the weekend in The Washington Post, involve both candidates signing a pro-marriage pledge issued by a socially conservative group in Iowa.

The group, The Family Leader, stated in the pledge that a black person born into slavery was more likely to be raised in an intact family than a black person born after the election of America's first black president.

In other words, black children born into slavery somehow were better off than black children born since 2008.


The group subsequently issued an apology and removed the language.

Campaign pledges to special-interest groups are a routine part of politics that every candidate faces and every campaign thoroughly vets before the candidate signs. So either both these campaigns are run by incompetents or both these campaigns are devoid of sensitivity and judgment.

It's also possible, of course, that both these candidates are nuts.

Both are well-known for gaffes. Only recently, Bachmann contended that John Quincy Adams was a "founding father" who fought to end slavery. Only recently, Santorum said Obama's federal stimulus created "240 million jobs."

Bachmann shows she's a little short on facts about American history. John Qunicy Adams was 9 years old in 1776. Santorum shows he's fact-challenged about the popluation of America (311 million) and claimed employment due to the federal stimulus (2 million).

But, hey, in terms of political entertainment, Rick & Michele are proving to be headliners.