Rep. Waters goes fundraising

It's one of those cases where you look sorta bad if you do but sorta worse if you don't.

So Philly Democratic Rep. Ron Waters decided to go ahead and do.

What he did, according to a report in the Harrisburg Patriot-News, was hold a campaign fundraiser in Harrisburg Monday.

Since this is an election year for all 203 state House members such an event normally would go unnoticed.

But since it's Waters, one of the infamous four Philly House Democrats under a cloud for allegedly taking cash in a controversial sting operation (that itself is under a cloud), well, it got some attention.

Though apparently not from campaign donors.

The Patriot reports that the morning event at the Harrisburg Hilton drew at its peak six people, including Waters.

Waters declined to comment to the newspaper.

On one hand, you might think someone with no Primary Election opponent and who likely faces at least an ethics investigation related to the sting thing might not want to be seen anywhere raising money.

But on the other hand since fundraisers get scheduled well in advance, cancelling could be viewed as admission that he's got reason to avoid any connection to, you know, taking money.

Plus, there's always the possibility, actually likelihood, that normal donors sent checks without showing up.

Either way, until proven otherwise, Waters -- and, as they say, the beat -- goes on.