Prize or Punishment?

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: I sure hope you made the Thursday midnight deadline, boss.

BE: What are you talking about.

JB: What am I talking about! The deadline to enter the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's contest for a trip to California for dinner with Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi.

BE: If that's first prize, I'd hate to see what second prize is. You're joking, of course.

JB: Nosiree. If you contributed as little as $3 and signed up for entry in the drawing, you could win!

BE: Win? Dinner with Gore and Pelosi sounds like a loss.  But I'll play. Tell us what we win, Johnny!!

JB: An all-expenses-paid trip to tony San Francisco: two round-trip airline tickets from the major airport closest to you, plus a one-night hotel stay for two, plus "a dinner" with Gore and Pelosi (at an undisclosed location in Menlo Park, CA) Monday, Oct. 10, for a total value of approximately $1,250!

BE: So, one would fly cross-country with a friend, go somewhere near San Francisco for a meal with Gore/Pelosi for what's probably a fundraiser for 1,000 people, stay over, then drag your jet-lagged butt back across country?

JB: All for as little as a $3 contribution!

BE: If it was Tipper Gore, I'd do it. But Al and Nancy? I'd rather stick Newt Gingrich campaign pins in my eyes.

JB: OK, how about this? If you read the fine print on the contest rules it says you don't have to contribute ANYTHING! Just sign up!

BE: You know what this is, right?

JB: Democratic largesse? A gift for grassroots supporters who'd actually enjoy being the same room with Gore and Pelosi?

BE: It's a gimmick to expand potential donor contact lists. Let me guess, when you sign up for the "prize," you give them your e-mail address and phone number, right?

JB: Yeah.

BE: And if you're contributing anything, you give them your credit card number, right?

JB: Yeah.

BE: What do you think the odds are of "winning?"

JB: Well, it says the odds are determined by the number of entries.

BE: I'm glad I missed the deadline.

JB: Oh, I see. You're waiting for the GOP contest for a flight to Pittsburgh or Virginia or wherever Rick Santorum lives these days for dinner with him, or a free flight to Taos, New Mexico, for a meal with Gary Johnson.

BE: Gary who?

JB: Johnson. He's a Republican candidate for president.

BE: Actually, I wouldn't mind sharing a pizza with Herman Cain.

JB: How about a barbeque with Rick Perry?

BE: As long as it's not at his hunting camp.

JB: Grrr.