Poll Watchers' Delight

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Yo, boss, see them new polls on the presidential race?

BE: You mean the Reuters poll showing Romney closing or Gallup's daily tracking poll showing Romney leading or the CNN poll showing Obama leading?

JB: You are paying attention!

BE: And the nice thing is there's something in these polls for everybody.

JB: Right again, chief. Let's take Reuters. Shows Romney within four points of Obama. The president's lead is only 47-43. But importantly, it also shows Romney doing slightly better than Obama on the number one issue of jobs and the economy: Romney 45, Obama 43, within the poll's margin of error.

BE: A statistical dead heat.

JB: Bingo. And you know why, right?

BE: Cause Romney's now alone on the GOP side, Democratic operative Hilary Rosen said Ann Romney never worked a day in her life and the GSA and Secret Service are partying in Vegas and Colombia.

JB: Well, I don't know about that last thing, but, yeah, not a good couple of days for the O-man.

BE: And Gallup daily tracking shows Mitt up 49-47 and, more importantly, leading among independent voters 45-39.

JB: You know daily tracking goes up and down all the time, right?

BE: Yeah. Maybe it's time for the Dems to revisit Mitt's dog on the roof.

JB: Except there's a CNN poll showing Obama up 52-43 on the strength of general likeability and appeal to women.

BE: And leading by five points among independent voters and by 16 points among women.

JB: How to explain such varying results in polls by major organizations all taken at about the same time?

BE: Easy. With my boy Rick gone from the race, all these pollsters have under-the-table contracts to feed the 24-hour cable news chatter with stuff for the heads to talk about.

JB: Brilliant.

BE: And even though polls are but a sense of the moment in a political atmosphere of extreme volatility...

JB: You, me and everybody else keeps talking about them.

BE: Yep. And, hey, it's been a delight.