Friday, February 27, 2015

Political booze meter

Because people will study anything, The Washington Post reports on a study showing how one's choice of booze is connected to one's politics.

Political booze meter

Just in time for holiday over-indulgence to start wearing off and new year's resolutions about drinking less to start kicking in, comes a study that purports to show how one's booze preference can indicate one's political leanings.

Yep, nothing apparently goes unstudied these days.

The Washington Post offers a chart showing brand-name booze linked to voters' political preference.

The research comes from consumer data analyzed by a Virigina-based Republican consulting firm.

You can see the chart and read about it here.

Key findings suggest Democrats prefer clear spirits such as Grey Goose vodka while Republicans are more likely to favor brown booze such as Jim Beam.

Other partisan picks include, for Democrats, wines such as Chateau Ste. Michelle Merlot, anything from Francis Coppola and Smoking Loon (which, I expect, will soon be what GOP operatives derisively call any Colorado Democrat), while Republicans like wines from Kendall-Jackson, Fish Eye and Robert Mondavi.

Rum seems to be the most bipartisan drink. Go figure.

And Democrats are more likely to imbide champagne.

One part of the study hits home for me. I tend to enjoy clear (Democratic) spirits in warmer weather and brown (Republican) booze in colder months.

The reason this makes sense in light of the liquor-as-political-indicator findings? I'm a former registered Democrat, a former registered Republican and now a long-time registered independent.

I also tend to follow the lead of my late father-in-law who when asked, "Do you drink anything?" invariably would answer, "Yes, anything."

So cheers. Happy New Year. And don't forget to drink, I mean, vote.

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