Planning Ahead?

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Boy that Bill DeWeese is always planning ahead.

BE: Bill DeWeese as in the former state House Speaker and former Democratic Whip from way out there in southwestern Greene County?

JB: That's the one.

BE: Bill DeWeese as in the state representative re-elected last November despite being charged in 2009 with theft, conspiracy and conflict of interest in the sweeping corruption investigation run by then-Atty. Gen. and now-Gov. Tom Corbett?

JB: Yes! Yes! Bill DeWeese, thesaurus-master and glad-hander extraordinaire. That one.

BE: How is he planning ahead?

JB: Well, apparently with a straight face, he told the online news service that the time has come for the Legislature to pass major alternative sentencing reforms to keep white-collar criminals out of prison.

BE: Wow, that is planning ahead. I bet John Perzel will be a strong supporter.

JB: Yep. DeWeese said people "that are so talented" can be doing other things rather than rotting in prison cells.

BE: Like running scams on behalf of taxpayers instead of against them?

JB: No, he suggested "running a food bank in Philadelphia" or making sure "that our highways are less littered."

BE: Hmmm. Free food and fresh air. Sounds better than group showers with angry men. Maybe he's on to something.

JB: Apparently so. The very next day, Corbett cancelled construction of a new $200 million prison in DeWeese's district.

BE: A former prosecutor saying no to prison?

JB: Strange times, my brother.

BE: What's DeWeese say to that?

JB: Says it's all politics and retribution for DeWeese claiming that Corbett used his prosecutor's powers to gain the governorship.

BE: Maybe Corbett's simply telling DeWeese "you can't go home again."

JB: Maybe. But it sounds like DeWeese'd rather hand out food in Philly and pick up trash along the Blue Route.

BE: Which would make him the most productive legislator of his generation.

JB: Grrrr.