Paul Ryan: Child Actor?

Okay, this might not be fair but as my first real mentor in journalism told me many, many years ago, "the Constitution guarantees us a free press, not a fair press."

So watching the VP debate Thursday night, my mind flashed on an image of Paul Ryan as a kid and came up with Eddie Munster, the precocious 9- or 10-year on the 1960's TV show "The Munsters."

Turns out I wasn't the first to see a resemblence. back in August posted this item.

But I quickly did the math and realized Ryan couldn't have been the child actor who played the part. Ryan is 42. The actor, Butch Patrick, is 59.

Fun fact, though, Butch Patrick moved to Philly just a couple years back after hooking up with a former Eagles cheerleader who had been a "Munsters" fan, according to reporting by Daily News gossip-guy Dan Gross in July, 2010.

Why wasn't this turned into a TV show itself?

Well, the couple broke up (appropriately) right after Halloween that year, and People magazine and others reported Patrick entered a Jersey rehab facility that November.

Anyway, I mostly shook the Eddie Munster thing and concentrated on Ryan's debate performance, which, as I wrote in Friday's column, was just about what was needed against the more experiences Joe Biden.

I did, however, have trouble not thinking somebody would later tell Ryan to brush his fangs and go to bed.