PSU: Hic

I guess Penn State doesn't enough to deal with.

So now, in the Legislature's hectic rush to finalize a budget before July 1 and leave for a long summer recess, comes word from the Senate that PSU kids could face a tougher time trying to drown their sorrows or celebrate their youth by doing what they do so well.

Yep, two bills passed out of the Senate Monday to crack down on student drinking by upping fines for underage drinking and public drunkeness.

The sponsor is Sen. Jake Corman, R-Centre County, Penn State's home county.

One bill doubles the fine from $500 to $1,000; the other bill tacks on a $100 fee to pay for local alcohol-abuse prevention efforts.

“Drinking violations are a burden across the Commonwealth, but in college and university settings such as State College, the problem is crippling,” Corman said in a prepared statement.

“We have seen a lot of good come out of the efforts by prevention programs to engage the student community and organizations to prevent alcohol problems before they happen...those types of programs can have a big impact. Hopefully, this legislation will be able to reduce the costs to taxpayers by preventing the alcohol violations from happening in the first place.”

Penn State, as you might be aware, regularly finishes high (no pun intended) on lists of top party schools nationally such as this list and this one.

So if signed into law, these bills could be big moneymakers or deterrents, depending on your views of how strictly college kids adhere to drinking laws.

But, hey, stay tuned: maybe someone will offer legislation granting breaks on student loans for those who graduate without ever getting a drinking fine.