PA's Show of Shows

All this week through Saturday morning is Pennsylvania's annual Farm Show in Harrisburg, billed as the largest indoor agricultural exhibit anywhere.

Gov. Corbett opened the event this past Saturday, which he said honors "our oldest and largest industry."

This year's theme, "Made in PA. It makes's a difference," encourages purchase and consumption of state products from beef and dairy to wine and fruits, mushrooms and honey.

Visitors can sample same at the show's huge food court offering everything from deep-fried cheese cubes to honey ice cream, turkey bbq, real milkshakes, potatoe donuts, beef brisket subs, batter-dipped veggies, maple candy, mustard eggs, baked sweet potatoes, you get the idea.

The annual butter sculpture (a scary, artery-clogging 1,000 pounds of butter in a case by entry doors) stresses the state's product diversity with butter models of cheese, milk, trees, poultry, etc.

I always urge state pols and citizens to see the show because it reflects so much of what Pennsylvania is about.

It includes everything to do with farms and farming: 6,000 animals, 10,000 exhibits and ongoing competitions such as tractor pulls and rodeo, cooking demonstrations and livestock judging, square dancing (both people and tractors) and horse shoe pitching contests.

You can see the schedule here.

There seems to be some confusion, though. The state AG department Website says it's the 96th annual show. The Guv's press release and subsequent news reports says it's the 97th. But either way, it's worth a visit. The show is free. Parking is $10.