PA poll of older voters

A poll released this week of Pennsylvania likely voters 50 years of age and older shows some interesting, though not surprising results.

First, it appears older voters share the same sorts of anxieties -- though perhaps not in the same order -- about personal income that the broader population does.

The poll, conducted by AARP, shows age 50-plus voters worry most about paying more in taxes (61%), costs rising faster than incomes (55%), health expenses (47%) and not having financial security in retirement (45%).

Poll findings also show that among voters age 50-plus who still are working, more than half (57%) say they have postponed or will postpone retirement.

"Too many older voters in Pennsylvania worry that a secure future is out of reach for themselves and their families," said AARP Pennsylvania president Jim Palmquist in a statement released with the findings.

The poll of 800 likely older voters also asked about candidates for governor and President Obama's job performance.

Perhaps ironically, older voters seem to be tougher on Democrat Obama and Republican incumbent Gov. Corbett than other polling of all voters indicates.

For example, the AARP poll, which was taken in June, shows just 38% of older PA voters approve of Obama's performance in office. A Quinnipiac University Poll of all PA voters taken in June put the number at 44%.

In this year's race for governor, older voters say they prefer Democrat Tom Wolf over Corbett by 23 points (56-33) while the Q-Poll had Wolf up 20 points in June, and the current average of multiple polls shows Wolf up by 18 points.

Older voters are important in PA. There are a lot of them. (We're one of the oldest states in the nation.) And they tend to vote in higher percentage than other age groups.

You can read about other findings in the AARP poll here.