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PA Society in Tunkhannock

A reader offers a suggestion for a new PA Society location.

PA Society in Tunkhannock

After noting in a blogpost last week that the annual PA Society gathering of state pols and big shots in New York City (scheduled for this coming weekend) should be moved to PA so money spent by state revelers would benefit their own state, a reader offered a specific destination -- complete with details.

"Mr. Baer:

Thank you for suggesting that the Pennsylvania Society meet here in Pennsylvania instead of New York City. We’d like to nominate ourselves as the ideal venue for this grand occasion.

The Moose Lodge here in Tunkhannock now has five (yes, five!) handicapped parking spots. Plus, we re-graveled our overflow lot last summer, which should mean fewer Audis and Lexuses getting stuck out back.

Our kitchen makes a terrific haluski and everyone says our spaghetti dinner just can’t be beat. If necessary, Mrs. Osterhaut will even change the oil in the deep fryers just for this event.

Two of our pool tables have brand new felt tops and our balls were just cleaned.

For entertainment, we know there’s a pretty good polka band over in Pittston that is probably available – but you’d better call them now to be on the safe side. Our dance floor was varnished in 2009 and is actually holding up pretty good in spite of our frequent line-dancing nights.

Because we know shopping is always a popular side activity, remember that we have a Dollar General AND a Fashion Bug along with the Walmart Supercenter down on Hunter Highway. We like to say that if you can’t find it there, you probably don’t need it.

For lodging, the Prince Hotel and Comfort Inn are excellent choices. The Methodist Church might have some cots available if both of those places are full-up.

We hope the Pennsylvania Society people will come see us for a better understanding of the citizens they represent. After all, they probably won’t bump into us on the streets of NYC anytime soon. (Or, maybe that’s the point).

With tongue firmly in cheek,

A resident of Pennsylvania"

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