One of Us

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Gooble, Gobble, Gooble, Gobble, one of us, one of us.

BE: Have you finally gone over the edge?

JB: No, siree. That's the chant from the 1932 MGM classic film "Freaks," in which circus side-show feaks welcome a newcomer as one of their own.

BE: And your point?

JB: With the debut yesterday of new Daily News sports columnists Ed Rendell, the former Guv is now "one of us."

BE: Oh, please.

JB: Seriously, check out the movie scene on YouTube. It looks exactly like an editors' meeting.

BE: I'll pass along the compliment.

JB: Also, check out the fine column from yesterday's Harrisburg Patriot-News by my colleague and fellow political columnist Laura Vecsey.

BE: A political column?

JB: Well, yesterday she wrote for the sports pages. She's a former sports writer for newspapers in New York, Baltimore and Seattle and she is, by the way, daughter of famed New York Times sports columnist George Vecsey.

BE: I'm more of a Pete Vecsey (NY Post) guy myself. But she's got good bloodlines.

JB: Indeed. She quotes other sports writers' advice for our new guy.

BE: Highlights?

JB: My favorite is from David Kindred, author and former Washington Post sports columnist, who says, "Advice? You mean besides stay out of Conlin's way? Same as politics, Mr. Mayor: Tell it straight and duck."

BE: Nice, and a bouquet to King of the World Conlin.

JB: I also liked the comment from Arthur Pincus, former New York Times sport editor: "Ed Rendell's writing a sports column? What a wuss."

BE: A good one.

JB: Yep. So now next time we see His Edness we know how to greet him.

BE: Gooble, Gobble?