Oh those legislative labors!

The Pennsylvania Legislature, after a nearly three-month summer break, just returned to Harrisburg, put in its usual three-day week and left its constituents plenty to think about.

On Monday, for example, the House unanimously passed a resolution creating "Involuntary Breath Holding Awareness Day."

I am not making this up.

The resolution, sponsored by Rep. Nick Miccarelli, R-Delaware County, passed 199-0. It designated July 14, 2013 (that's right, more than two months ago) as THE day to think about involuntary breath-holding.

But that's not all.

Looks like "Indigenous Peoples Day" is on track for October. Rep. Vanessa Brown, D-Philly, is seeking a vote to name the first Saturday of October the same.

There's another retroactive day in the works. Rep. Frank Farry, R-Bucks County, is working to name September 22 "National Falls Prevention Awareness Day."

Hey, maybe if you don't hold your breath you won't fall.

And lest you think your lawmakers aren't fighting on all social fronts, Rep. Ron Waters, D-Philly, will soon offer a resolution seeking "a symbolic moratorium on the use of the `N' word."

So such users better get it out of there system, you know, before the moratorium takes effect.

On the, er, more substantive side of things, the House State Government Committee passed and sent to the floor two bills to reduce the size of the Legislature. One would cut the House from 203 to 153. The other cuts the Senate from 50 to 38. Both are sponsored by GOP House Speaker Sam Smith.

Each bill passed the committee by 18-7 margins. The seven "no" votes were all Democrats, including (no surprise) three Philadelphians: Reps. Mark Cohen, Mike O'Brien and Brian Sims.

Only one Philly lawmaker voted for the bills, freshman Rep. Jordan Harris.

So the fall session's off to a great start. Just imagine the public service that lies ahead.