Oh That Public Pay

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Ya know how folks get all riled up over the paydays of "public servants," Arlene Ackerman's all-star salary being perhaps the most exteme example?

BE: I do.

JB: Well, it's a Pennsylvania thing.

BE: What is, people getting riled up?

JB: No. Public salaries getting pumped up. You already know, for example, our state lawmakers, all 253 of them, which, by the way, is WAY too many, are (at $79,623) second in the nation in base pay behind only California ($95,290), having slipped ahead of New York ($79,500) thanks to automatic annual raises. And, yeah, I know Michigan looks higher because in addition to base salary of $71,685 its lawmakers get $10,800 in expenses, but (a) I'm talking base pay and (b) our lawmakers get plenty of other perks PLUS whatever level of expenses they feel than can get away with.

BE: We do well by our lawmakers. If only we got what we paid for. What else?

JB: Well, a survey recently released by the Center for State Courts says our top state judges rank third in the nation in base pay behind only California and Illinois.

BE: What's the haul of our robed ones?

JB: There are three state courts: Supreme, Superior and Commonwealth with seven, 15 and nine judges, respectively. Justices on the top court get $189,620; the rest get $178,914. President judges get more. And, of course, there are senior judges paid on a per diem basis.

BE: So our judges also do pretty well. What's your point?

JB: My point is really twofold.

BE: The first fold being?

JB: We're the sixth largest state. Why are we paying higher public salaries than states larger than we are?

BE: Because we're a state made up of the old and the apathetic?

JB: Possibly. But, secondly, this good-pay thing appears to apply only in the public sector. The most recent data from U.S. Census says PA residents, you know, the rest of us, even when these high public salaries are factored in, rank 17th nationally in "average annual pay."

BE: We were probably 20th before we hired Ackerman.

JB: Grrr.