Obama's disengagement

With President Obama scheduled to return to his Martha's Vineyard vacation later today there are growing signs his levels of domestic interest are very much on the wane.

The New York Times reports that Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid told Senate colleagues and staffers he was astonished how disengaged the President seemed during a White House meeting at which Reid complained about Republicans blocking Obama's nominees for ambassadorships.

This issue came up as Reid and his Senate counterpart, GOP Leader Mitch McConnell, sat a few feet apart.

According to the Times, Obama dismissed the issue, cutting off discussion with,"You and Mitch work it out."

Meanwhile, The Washington Post offers a chart on what Obama's been talking about lately in statements and press briefings.

It's not the chaos in Ferguson, MO following the shooting death by a police officer of an unarmed black teen that's gotten around-the-clock national attention. It's Iraq.

The Post did a word-count on Obama since August 9, the day Ferguson 18-year old Michael Brown was killed. You can see the chart and read the Post piece here.

Vacation? Second term? Too much golf? Whatever the cause, Obama's disengagement looks real -- and not what the office he holds requires.