Obama's Vacation

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Buckle up, boss, there's certain to be fireworks over President Obama's 10-day Martha's Vineyard vacation scheduled to start next Thursday.

BE: Everybody needs a vacation.

JB: Tell it to the 14 million jobless Americans and the millions more staying home or cutting back because they've taken pay and benefit cuts or because they fear becoming jobless. Then tell it to American troops in war zones.

BE: Congress is on vacation.

JB: Would that it were a permanent one! And don't get me started on Congress! Washington clamors about urgency, about fixing the economy and creating jobs and undoing the unprecedented credit downgrade and then heads off to posh resorts, Obama to the Vineyard, Biden to the Hamptons, and members of Congress to overseas junkets. Roll Call reported in June that Senate travel overseas is at an all-time high cost.

BE: The White House says the President is never really on vacation. He's in constant communication and command.

JB: Then why go anywhere? Why pack on more expense for travel and for all the security required when he travels? Why not call Congress back into session and deal with the economic "crisis" he keeps talking about?

BE: Maybe because neither he nor Congress can or will do anything about it.

JB: Grrrr!

BE: Well, before heading off to the Vineyard, the Prez will be on a working trip through Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois next week.

JB: WORKING TRIP? It's a campaign swing! Cut back on travel. Cut back on White House dinners like the annual Ramadan dinner at the White House last night! If the country doesn't have any money and is losing its credit rating, stop spending. Think Obama, Biden, members of Congress suffer in economic downturns? Don't you remember me telling you the MEDIAN wealth of members of Congress is close to $1 million?

BE: What do you have against rich people?

JB: IT'S OUR MONEY!! You and I and every taxpayer foots the bill for ALL this stuff.

BE: I think you need a vacation.