Obama's Back

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Well, boss, it's no surprise but Obama's back in campaign mode.

BE: Did he ever leave it?

JB: None of them seem to anymore, do they?

BE: Change you can bereave in.

JB: Now, now. It's true there's been some rocky times in dealing with the economy, health care and extending wars, but the Prez today begins his 2012 bid with a smart little video. Check it out.

BE: Smart in that it's short.

JB: And smart in that he's not in it. No politicians. No cheering crowds. No soaring rhetoric. Just seemingly ordinary people quietly talking about the importance of politics, how it leads to governing and how important elections are.

BE: Tough to argue with that.

JB: And, if you noticed, it just so happens that official governmental business puts VP Biden in New Hampshire today and the Prez in Pennsylvania Wednesday, in fact, in the Philly burbs, the state's most important swing-vote region.

BE: You don't think politics took precedent in such scheduling, do you?

JB: Would ANY pol use government resources for political ends?

BE: There are advantages to incumbencies.

JB: And drawbacks don't forget. This time, everything wrong is his fault. He'll now have a record to defend rather than hope to sell.

BE: Oh, I imagine he'll still be selling hope and change.

JB: You imagine correctly. I'm just sayin' this time he'll be selling from a position of ownership, not promise.

BE: Selling is selling.

JB: Yessir. And about a year from now, we'll have a pretty good idea who's buying. Grrr.