No News Hampshire

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: See that GOP debate in no News Hampshire last night?

BE: There was a debate?

JB: Yep. Seven candidates on CNN live from 8 to 10.

BE: I was switching back and forth between The Bachelorette on ABC and WWE Monday Night Raw with Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk on USA.

JB: You chose wisely.

BE: Not a good debate, eh?

JB: Not nothin. They all hit Obama but all praised each other, which means frontrunner/moneyman Romney won. Nobody mentioned "The Book of Mormon" winning all those Tony Awards. And even when offered a free punch at Mitt, Pawlenty passed, proving he's running for VP.

BE: Guess he has Pawlenty of room to grow, huh?

JB: Ouch.

BE: Was there any fun?

JB: There were some lines that struck me. Like when Newt said, "I'm a big fan of going into space."

BE: Like that's new information.

JB: Or when Ron Paul said his answer to fixing the housing crisis is to "do much less, much sooner." Or when Herman Cain said the problem with the economy is "the multiplicity and the compounding effect."

BE: Who can argue with that?

JB: That's the problem. Nobody argued with anything. It was a campfire gathering to roast health care and the incumbent.

BE: And Bachmann?

JB: Made news by announcing she's running. Managed to stay away from her theory of the founding fathers fighting slavery. Promised Obama "is a one-term president." Got lots of applause.

BE: And Rick?

JB: Didn't blame abortion for Social Security woes. Also didn't take a punch at Mitt when asked to comment on Mitt's pro-life/pro-choice record. Just talked about himself.

BE: So no sparks at all?

JB: Well, some small ember over Cain explaining that when he said he'd be uncomfortable hiring a Muslim in his administration he was "thinking of the ones trying to kill us."

BE: Oh, so he WOULDN'T hire terrorists? That's a daring policy statement.

JB: And Newt jumped in with this bold stance, offered with stern conviction: "If you're not prepared to be loyal to the United States, you're not going to serve in my administration, period!"

BE: Ugh. Makes me want to do much less, much sooner on this election cycle.

JB: I shoulda watched Monday Night Raw. Grrrr.