Must (Not) See TV

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Boss, see the debate?

BE: Over whether to release bin Laden pix?

JB: No, no. The first Republican presidential debate last night in South Carolina on Fox News.

BE: There was one?

JB: Oh yeah. I'm thinking the ratings were not so hot. I'm thinking maybe six people watched, including our Inky pal Tom Fitzgerald.

BE: Wow. How'd Romney do?

JB: Wasn't there. Neither was Newt, Sarah, Huckabee, Michelle or The Donald.

BE: Who was? Harold Stassen?

JB: Our own Rick Santorum, Pawlenty, Paul (Ron, not his son...not yet), Gary Johnson, Herman Cain.

BE: Gary Johnson? Herman Cain?

JB: Former New Mexico Guv Johnson and Pizza mogul Cain.

BE: I might have watched if Jimmy McMillan of The Rent is Too Damn High Party was there.

JB: Don't feel bad. The Associated Press, the world's oldest and largest news gathering organization, didn't even cover it.

BE: Gee, what if it turns out to be a glimpse of what's to come?

JB: Well, last time, four years ago, there were 10 GOPers at the first debate in S.C. and a Fox News post-debate poll didn't exactly give a glimpse of what was to come.

BE: How so?

JB: Romney finished first, Paul second, Giuliani third and eventual nominee John McCain finished sixth wiith 4 percent, behind Duncan Hunter.

BE: How can we forget Duncan Hunter? Sounds as though last night was like baseball pre-season with just pitchers and catchers reporting.

JB: Yeah. With no runs, no hits, no errors. Grrrr.