Morning Pat

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Yo, boss, catch our own Sen. Pat Toomey on "Morning Joe" this morning.

BE: The MSNBC talk-fest hosted by Joe Scarborough & Mika Brzezinski, Ed Rendell's favorite hostess? Too early for me. Why was Pat on?

JB: Hard to say, though he and Scarborough, a former Florida congressman, served together during Toomey's time in the House and, you know, who wouldn't want to chat with Mika in the morning?

BE: Good point. I'd be there.

JB: Get in line.

BE: Speaking of getting in line, didn't Toomey, who visited Afghanistan in January, decline to chat with you for a recent column on U.S. foreign wars?

JB: Hard to say. I got a recording on his D.C. office phone during working hours last Thursday and left a message asking for a call-back from his press secretary. Still haven't heard.

BE: Guess he only chats with real journalists like those on cable TV talk shows that used to serve with him in Congress.

JB: Hey, I know my place in the pecking order.

BE: So what'd Toomey say on "Morning Joe?"

JB: Well, first there was the obligatory TV banter about how excited Toomey is regarding tomorrow's royal wedding because Joe & Mika are live from London all week, and Pat's missing it. He was in New York. But Joe says Pat still talks about the last royal wedding with Charles & Diana and claims Pat had a framed picture of Prince Charles in his congressional office.

BE: So really valuble insights into the issues of the day.

JB: Oh, yeah, and Pat comes back with, "Joe, I thought you were never going to tell anyone" about the picture.

BE: More valuable information.

JB: Right, then they play a clip of President Obama in New York yesterday calling the GOP House-passed budget plan cutting federal spending by $5.8 trillion over the next decade a vision for a "small America" and ask Toomey what he thinks about what the prez said.

BE: Wow, really putting Pat on the hot seat, feet to the fire, demanding accountability.

JB: You betcha. Pat, though, digs deep and comes up with, "He's got a vision for an America of bigger government."

BE: Oh, snap! Ka-BOOM!

JB: Yep. Then, when asked about a planned Senate vote on the House-passed budget, Toomey offers original zingers such as the House plan "would lead to economic growth" and that it "puts us on a path that's sustainable."

BE: Man, I'm sorry I missed all this profundity.

JB: Grrrr.