More 'Cain Train' Trouble

Herman Cain says he and his wife, Gloria, had the same exact reaction when told of yet another woman coming forward with claims that the Herminator wasn't always on his best behavior with members of the opposite sex.

They both said, "Here we go again."

I had that reaction too, but for a different reason.

As the GOP presidential candidate gingerly picks his path through another he-said/she-said event, this one involving an Atlanta woman named Ginger White who insists she had a 13-year affair with Cain, the question is this: how long can Cain continue to call so many women liars and still effectively compete for the Republican nomination?

Cain denies the affair just as he denies ever harassing other women who claim he hit on them when he was head of the National Restaurant Association in the `90s.

But Ms. White alleges their long-running involvement included gifts from Cain and airline tickets to fly her to various cities so she could be with him. And she showed an Atlanta TV station copies of her phone bills with 61 calls or text messages to and from Cain's private cellphone.

The New York Times details her claims today.

The problem for Cain and his campaign, "The Cain Train," is clear. It has slowed while trying to take these curves, and it's very close to derailing.

Denying allegations has become its nearly fuil-time job and as a result Cain slipped out his frontrunning status. The latest average of national polls shows him third behind Newt and Mitt at just 15 percent.

Even if he can somehow prove that Ms. White and others are part of a concerted conspiracy to block his nomination or are individual liars looking for their 15 minutes of fame, Cain cannot escape the day-to-day drumbeat of questions about his behavior, which automatically turn into questions about his truthfulness.

How many male politicians and candidates have denied affairs, flings, entanglements, etc., and been proven to be telling the truth? I can't think of any.

Also working against Cain is the simple fact that it's human nature to expect the worst of people of power in the public limelight. Cain, who stunned political pundits with his meteoric rise in the polls only last month. was starting to look like Icarus before Ms. White came forward.

It is hard to think he can rise again, no matter how her claims ultimately hold up.

We are watching the demise of another man whose private life got caught in the maw of national media scrutiny. All I can say is -- here we go again.