Mitt Wins One Video War

The latest Mitt Romney ad, called "Right Choice," addresses an Obama administration proposal to let states seek waivers from federal welfare-to-work rules.

In the onoing, seemingly endless video battle between Mitt Romney and President Obama, the latest round clearly goes to the Mitt-man.

Two new efforts, one an online video from Obama for America, the other a new TV ad from Romney for President and the Republican National Committee, show sharp contrasts in effectiveness.

The Obama video includes annoying 1950's-style TV sitcom music under a variety of scenes of "middle-class" voters checking a hand-held electronic "tax calculator" to compare Romney's tax plan to Obama's.

Not surprisingly, these folks are stunned to learn they'd lose money under Romney whereas the president has saved them money. One of them says he's going to be "really screwed" under Romney.

It's a yawner.

The Romney ad, called "Right Choice," addresses an Obama administration proposal to allow states to seek waivers for federal welfare-to-work rules. It is certain to evoke gut-level reaction from many voters who generally resent welfare.

It shows a series of people working as a narrator explains how President Clinton and a "bipartisan" Congress ended welfare as we know it in 1996 by requiring work rules, but that now Obama wants to "just send you your welfare check."

The ad ends with the narrator saying Romney will restore the work requirement.

The Obama spot has a soft, nerdy element about it. The Romney ad is a sharp jab certain to score with most judges.

This round goes to Mitt.