Metcalfe's double standard

Now batting: House State Government Committee Chairman Daryl Metcalfe, R-Butler County.

Here's the pitch....CRACK!

It's a long fly ball to deep right field. It's off the wall. And Metcalfe is into second base with a stand-up double standard.

Let me explain.

Metcalfe just announced he's introducing a House resolution urging Gov. Corbett to appeal last month's federal court ruling striking down the state's ban on same-sex marriage.

Corbett, seeking reelection, said just days after the ruling that he will not challenge the decision by U.S. District Judge John Jones.

I noted at the time that if Metcalfe is true to his own principles, he'd call for Corbett's impeachment. And I suggested watching for such action from his committee.

After all, he called for impeaching Democratic Attorney General Kathleen Kane after she announced last year that she would not defend the state law banning same-sex marriage. He actually convened a hearing on the subject.

But apparently there's a difference in Metcalfe's mind between one elected official not defending state law and another elected official not defending state law.

When a Democratic official does it, Metcalfe wants to impeach. But when a Republican official does it, Metcalfe offers a resolution calling on the House to "stand up for states' rights."

Maybe such a call is simply a building block. If it fails, maybe Metcalfe will move to impeach Corbett, too.

If not, Metcalfe's well-earned reputation as the Legislature's far-right conservative standard-bearer might just morph into a reputation as a double standard-bearer.