Corbett Not Worst of New GOP Guvs

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Yo, boss, you see state Democrats are touting a new poll showing Gov. Corbett's approval rating in Pennsylvania at a pretty sad 35 percent?

BE: Sounds like something Democrats would tout.

JB: Yeah, and it's worse than last month's Quinnipiac Poll finding of 39 percent. But here's the thing: among the new Republican governors getting lots of attention, Corbett's not the worst.

BE: Wait, you have something good to say about Corbett?

JB: Not me. Poll respondents. And I wouldn't exactly call it good. But...Public Policy Polling (PPP) is a Democratic group that actually tends to be fairly accurate. Its poll released yesterday lumps Corbett in with some other Guvs that it says are causing "buyer's remorse" among voters.

BE: Yeah. So?

JB: So he can take at least some comfort in the fact that some other GOP Guvs elected last year in states with similar budget-cutting problems and union issues are doing worse.

BE: Details?

JB: In Florida, conservative Republican Rick Scott is at a dismal 27 percent, according to polling data by Sunshine States News released yesterday.

BE: Ha! That's the guy that refused $2 billion in federal aid for high-speed rail! No wonder he's sinking like a stone.

JB: In Ohio, Gov. John Kasich was last polled by PPP at the end of May: 33 percent.

BE: Another leader with one-third support of his people.

JB: And in Wisconsin, where union battles dominated state budget woes, Gov. Scott Walker is at 37 percent, according to a new University of Wisconsin -- what else? -- Badger Poll.

BE: On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin....

JB: Don't get carried away.

BE: What about our own "I'm not running for president" neighbor across the river?

JB: Better than the others. Elected in `09, though, so not really in the class of newbies. Still, Gov. Christie sports a 44 percent approval rating in a late June Quinnipiac Poll.

BE: So maybe the answer is to hang in there and voters come around?

JB: Either that or always point to others doing worse. Grrr.