Kicking Mitt in Ohio

It might not quite be kicking Mitt while he's down (the national race remains close), but a new Obama TV ad is sure a swift kick in Ohio

The 30-second ad titled "No Taxes" is running this week in a state critical to the November outcome since. as we are constantly reminded, no Republican has ever won the presidency without also winning Ohio.

The spot hits two major campaign highlights that clearly help the president: it reprises Mitt's 47-percent comments and tags him again for not releasing all his past income tax records.

You can see the ad here.

It comes at a time Mitt is struggling to get back on his feet and back on message that Obama hasn't done enough to spur economic recovery.

It also comes as the president leads in Ohio, according to the latest polls, including an Enquirer/Ohio Newspaper Organization poll showing Obama with a 5-point lead.

"Mitt Romney attacked 47% of Americans who pay no income tax," says a narrator, "including veterans, elderly, the disabled."

Then a portion of the clip from Romney's now-famous hidden-camera remarks at a Florida fundraiser last May plays: "My job is not to worry about those people."

Nevermind Romney clearly was speaking about politicial strategy (albeit questionable strategy since any well-managed campaign should "worry" about groups of voters not likely to support it and work hard to blunt rather than encourage such non-support), the quote makes it seem Mitt doesn't care about half the country.

Then the ad effectively ties Mitt's own tax issue -- the fact he hasn't released his returns for years prior to 2010 -- to the 47 percent comment.

"Maybe instead of attacking others on taxes," the narrator says, "Romney should come clean on his."

By linking the old returns question to the new 47 percent comment, Obama's camp reminds voters of one of its central themes: Romney's a rich guy who's out of touch and maybe hiding something.

Thus Mitt gets a double-kick in a state (if history is any guide) he must have in order to win.

His response so far? Ohio Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor is in Pennsylvania today holding events with "Women for Mitt" groups