It's Cafeteria Reform!

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Boy that Corbett knows how to win hearts in Harrisburg.

BE: How so?

JB: He's accepting bids for a new vendor for the infamous Capitol cafeteria. Change is coming, my friend. Reform is on the menu.

BE: Wait, you said "infamous," why infamous?

JB: You don't remember the place was shut down after rodent feces was found?

BE: Eww.

JB: Yep, and a bunch of other violations. It hadn't been inspected for four years.

BE: Wow, who runs it?

JB: Aramark, that Philly firm brought in by, you know, that Philly governor.

BE: So Corbett's making a change?

JB: Taking bids for a vendor who'll use PA-sourced fresh meats, veggies, dairy products.

BE: And no feces?

JB: Right. And I have a thought on who might be good to run the place.

BE: Oh, who?

JB: Pittsburgh's Primanti Brothers!

BE: Hey, yeah. They're famous for...

JB: Famous for putting fries and coleslaw on top of everything they serve.

BE: Including fried lunchmeat sandwiches. Mmmm, good.

JB: And they'll add some real Pittsburgh feel to the place: kolbassi & cheese sandwiches, their famous "colossal fish & cheese" sandwich, chili fries and, of course, their "Pitts-burgher cheese-steak."

BE:Pittsburgh has a cheese steak?

JB: It's a whole new day, brother.

BE: Well, it's gotta be better than rodent feces, eh?

JB: Let reform come to Harrisburg. Bon Appetit!