Impeach Corbett?

I guess now we'll see whether state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-Butler County, arguably the Legislature's most conservative lawmaker, is about politics or principle.

You may recall that Metcalfe called for -- and actually held a legislative hearing about (he's chairman of the House State Government Committee) -- impeaching Democratic Attorney General Kathleen Kane for her refusal, announced last July, not to defend the state's ban on same-sex marriage.

Well, now that a fellow-Republican, Gov. Tom Corbett, has also declined to (further) defend the ban after it was struck down this week by U.S. District Judge John Jones, I guess Metcalfe will schedule another impeachment hearing.

After all, if Kane's decision was a violation of the Commonwealth's Attorney Act, as Metcalfe claims, certainly Corbett's decision falls under the same principle: he's legally bound to defend state laws.

As Daily News columnist (and attorney) Christine Flowers points out in the opening paragraph of her Thursday column, Corbett "has done exactly what our long-tressed attorney general has done and abdicated his duty to Pennsylvanians who care about the rule of law."

So watch for upcoming State Government Committee hearings.

Metcalfe already has taken on Corbett regarding passage last year of a $2 billion transportation bill for roads, bridges and SEPTA. He calls the effort the "Corbett gas tax increase" and refers to mass transit as "just more welfare."

So he clearly doesn't give same-party pols a pass on fiscal issues. We'll see if he gives same-party, same-sex enablers one.