I'll Vouch for That!

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Well, it's on.

BE: On a beautiful Monday morning in May? What is, spring fever?

JB: School voucher fever. Corbett's in Washington to keynote a national summit on education and talk about his support and push for school vouchers. He was slated to speak at noon.

BE: Oh boy, that can't make the Philadelphia School District happy.

JB: Well, what can?

BE: Where's this summit held and who's sponsoring?

JB: At the Washington Marriott, sponsored by the American Federation for Children. And Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker speaks this evening.

BE: Sounds like a conservative Republican gig.

JB: And it will include the requisite liberal Democratic protests.

BE: Oh?

JB: Sure. The group Keystone Progress says parents, kids and teachers from Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are busing to D.C. to protest "schemes like vouchers, which take tax dollars from our public schools to fund private schools at taxpayer expense."

BE: Isn't taking kids out of school to protest counterproductive? And haven't we've had this voucher debate for years?

JB: And we're having it again. And we'll hear all about how bad our schools are, how they trap our children and rob them of their futures.

BE: And how only competition can set them free.

JB: And how the actual costs and administrative costs of vouchers will, in the long run, produce better outcomes and save society.

BE: And how public schools will be left with only the worst disciplinary problems, how kids with disabilities will suffer further and how our urban areas will become ever worse wastelands.

JB: And how Catholic schools will thrive under vouchers.

BE: Praise the Lord.

JB: And you know where it's all headed, right?

BE: Sure. Long debate, ultimate passage by a Republican legislature under a Republican Governor followed by years of confusion and litigation.

JB: I'll vouch for that. Grrrr.