I can help the FEC on Sestak

A couple of reports this week suggest that the Federal Election Commission is unsure whether former Congressman Joe Sestak, a/k/a "The Admiral," is really running for the U.S. Senate against Pat Toomey in 2016.

The FEC has written Sestak saying he either has to stop raising money or file a statement of candidacy with the regulatory agency and the secretary of the Senate.

You can read a report from my Inky colleague Tom Fitzgerald about the order here.

Well, turns out I can help clear this up.

A Democratic source and Sestak supporter recently shared a couple fundraising letters from the candidate, who ran against and narrowly lost to Toomey in the 2010 Senate race.

(By the by, there's a terrific book about that race, "Toomey's Triumph," (Temple University Press, 2012) by Hal Gullan,who had inside access to both campaigns.)

Anyway, Sestak's letters make it pretty clear that (a) he's running and (b) he's running again against Toomey.

A June letter to donors from Sestak's daughter Alex ends with a plea to "contribute now before the June 30 deadline to help Joe Sestak seek the U.S. Senate."

Little ambiguity there.

And a July letter from Sestak asking his supporter to hold a Sestak fundraiser before September 30 also thanks the donor for financial support in June, noting, "It was critical because P. Toomey raised $950K last quarter."

So, FEC, hope that helps. "The Admiral" has set sail.