Holy Campaign! Here Comes Max!

Max Myers (from MaxMyers.com)

He hasn't shown up in any polling I'm aware of, but another Democrat is about to officially enter the campaign to face Gov. Corbett next year.

I wrote about him on this blog in December. Now he's planning a three-day statewide tour to formally announce his candidacy.

He is Max Myers, a Central Pennsylvania Pentecostal minister -- in other words a candidate from a place and a faith not strongly associated with the Democratic Party.

But he told me in December, "I think anything is possible. And I have a vision and it's about leadership."

So now comes the formal announcement that Max is in.

As is John Hanger. And maybe Allyson Schwartz and maybe Rob McCord and maybe Joe Sestak and maybe Tom Wolf and maybe Mike Stack and maybe Tom Knox and maybe Ed Pawlowski and maybe Josh Shapiro and maybe Bozo the Clown.

The Max Myers announcement says this:

"The primary priorities of the campaign will consist of: moving citizens out of poverty in our rural and urban areas, creating world class education for all children, creating a business and manufacturing environment that will build employment, and Govern with empowered leadership, not partisan politics."

Unclear whether the "empowered leadership" would come from the grass roots or, you know, from above.

Either way, I'm not sure details are the strong part of the Myers campaign.

Shortly after the announcement was posted that Myers would be in Philly and Harrisburg on "Day 1," in Pittsburgh and Erie on "Day 2" and in Allentown (at a brewery) on "Day 3," came a second announcement.

The second announcement said WHEN he would be in those places. Turns out it all starts Monday, March 18 and proceeds through Tuesday and Wednesday, ending at the Allentown Brew Works, presumably with a toast.

Still, the Myers tour is actually a nice mix of stops:

He'll be at the William Way LGBT Community Center in Philly Monday morning; the state Capitol Rotunda Monday afternoon; the Omni William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh Tuesday morning (Myers says his goal is to restore the values of William Penn in which "everyone is honored, respected and valued"); Erie Democratic Committee office Tuesday afternoon, and the aforementioned brewery on Wednesday.

On one hand, Pennsylvania politics has never been a place where faith, hope and charity is much practiced, rewarded or even seen. On the other hand, given the way the Pennsylvania politics IS practiced maybe it's time to at least listen to a campaign based on same.