Hey, IRS, read this!

I don't know Ross Schriftman of Horsham -- he apparently has an insurance agency there -- but I get emails from him, and the one that arrived Thursday morning is, in my view, worth sharing.

It's a letter he says he sent to everyone's favorite government agency and the current butt of deserved double-derision, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

The letter's so good, I offer it in its entirety:

June 13, 2013

To: The Internal Revenue Service

Re: Restricted funds for quarterly estimated payment

Enclosed is my check for my second quarter estimated income taxes. I am instructing you that this payment is restricted.

Do not use it for the Service's parties that you call conferences. Do not use it to violate the law and abuse Americans who file 501c4 requests for non-profit status.

Instead use my money for worthwhile activities such as funding health clinics for poor people, nutrition education for pregnant women or to eliminate the backlog in the Department of Veterans Affairs for benefit for our disabled veterans. I work too hard to have my money wasted.

Sincerely, Ross Schriftman