Happy 'Women's Equality Day'...just not so much in PA

Hey, it's "Women's Equality Day!"

The White House says so with a proclamation. And a whole bunch of women candidates were scheduled to say so at the state Capitol this afternoon.

But here in Pennsylvania, birthplace of the nation, keystone of the colonies, home of the Declaration of Independence, well, the numbers really don't say so.

The day, by the way, marks the 94th anniversary of certification of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote.

Yep, on August 26, 1920, the amendment was certified by President Wilson's secretary of state, Bainbridge Colby.

So, creeping up on a century since, how's good ole PA doing?

Still holding it's evidently cherished spot as the least progressive northeastern state.

Yessir. Pick your measurement.

Women in politics?

PA's percentage of women in the Legislature -- worst in the north and worst among neighboring states (save for by-God West Virginia) -- ranks us 38th in the nation, according to the Rutgers Center for Women in Politics.

Economic equality?

Even worse. WalletHUB, a personal finance website, uses Census Bureau data and more to track gender disparity and finds (tada!) PA is last among northeastern states and last among our neighbors (including by-God West Virginia). We rank 42nd in the nation.

So, Pennsylvania women, enjoy "Women's Equality Day" -- if not actual equality.