Gov. Corbett's governor buddy

Gov. Corbett isn't alone in not getting what he wants from his own party.

While Corbett flopped in efforts to convince fellow Republicans who run the Legislature to pass liquor privatization, transportation funding and pension reform along with a new state budget he signed Sunday night, the governor of Illinois suffered a similar fate.

Democrat Pat Quinn failed to get a Democratic-controlled Illinois legislature to pass his priorities -- legalizing same-sex marriage and (tada!) public pension reform.

The Wall Street Journal says the two guvs ought to form a support group for "unpopular governors whose agendas are thwarted by legislators in their own party."

Here's that item.

Perhaps the two guvs should meeting to compare their respective dismal polling numbers -- both in the 30's -- and legislative flops.

The pair has lots in common.

Both came to power thanks to political corruption.

Quinn was lieutentant governor when Gov. Rod Blagojevich was impeached for corruption in 2009 and won a full term in 2010. Corbett was the state attorney general who put lawmakers in prison for corruption then won his seat in 2010.

Both are 64, Catholic and lawyers with two grown children.

And both made the top-5 list of the most vulnerable governors in America in the 2014 elections when The New York Times' Nate Silver did a ratings chart in April.

Corbett was listed as fifth most vulnerable, Quinn was second behind only Independent Lincoln Chaffee of Rhode Island.

So, you know, they'd have lots to talk about, including maybe comeback strategies -- or life after politics.