Gov. Corbett's ding-dong radio ad

A new 60-second radio ad from the Corbett campaign has an odd little premise but takes pretty broad shots at several potential Democratic opponents, including a suggestion one is cuckoo.

The ad, titled "Ding Dong," includes a fast-talking, upbeat narrator (with snappy music in the background) suggesting every PA voter comes to your door, rings the bell (hence the ding dong) and wants you to decide who to vote for for governor.

Here's what it says (you can listen here if you scroll down).

“Ok, you’re home watching TV when the doorbell starts ringing. You’re hoping it’s an errant pizza delivery boy. No such luck. Instead you find every Pennsylvania voter standing on your front lawn.

"They’re here to ask you to decide for all of us, who we should vote for, for governor. Considering you often have trouble even deciding whether or not to biggie-size it at the drive-thru, you’re a bit surprised. But you start your research.

  “First up, liberal Allyson Schwartz. Turns out she voted to raise our taxes over 60 times. Next.  Liberal John Hanger who’s called for the legalization of recreational drugs. Doesn’t sound like someone we want in charge of our public schools.

(At this point, there's the sound of a `cuckoo' in case you don't get Corbett's message regarding Hanger.)

“Then there’s Rob McCord and Tom Wolf. Both multimillionaire’s who supported cutting seniors’ Medicare by $715 billion dollars. Ouch!

(This is a reference to their support of Obamacare which the GOP claims cuts Medicare and which the Obama administration says provides huge Medicare savings under the Affordable Care Act.)

“Finally, Tom Corbett. He’s saved us over a billion in taxes, reduced the size of state government to its lowest in 50 years, eliminated $43 million dollars in state cars and created 150,000 new private sector jobs. Game. Set. Match.

“Paid for by Tom Corbett for Governor.”

(The `paid for' line is delivered by Corbett.)

The ad is catchy and different. It hits Schwartz hardest. It's personally harshest on Hanger. It seeks to tie McCord and Wolf to everything everybody dislikes about Obama and Obamacare. And it touts the Guv even though the jobs numbers are suspect, every changing and do not include total net jobs numbers, just private sector jobs -- a total much lower than in other big states.

But the ad sure offers insight into the campaign to come: Democrats are taxers, Obama-lovers and nutcases; Corbett is a cost-saving, tax-cutting job-creator.

It's a campaign coming to your front door soon.