Gov. Corbett's 'Innovations'

Gov. Corbett

Lest you think all news out of the Corbett administration is bad -- as in getting hammered nationally for suing the NCAA over Penn State sanctions (as he was in Friday's New York Times editorial) -- his office Thursday released, um, evidence of just how good things are really going.

Something called the Governor's Innovation Office put out a press release claiming that since its creation last March it has achieved "more than $84 million in cost savings and productivity gains."

Good, right? Savings are good. Productivity gains are good.

It's just that the only examples offered seem a tad soft and, well, smallish.

The release cites three highlights.

1) "An estimated $1.4 million" in savings from consolidation licensing operations in the Welfare Department.

2) Consolidated mail operations at Labor & Industry "expects to save $400,000."

3) State Police using "communication technology" to reduce troop meetings and therefore fuel costs leads to "estimates" of saving $10,000.

Maybe it's me, but these "innovations" seem sorta obvious, as in representing the kinds of things government should do as a matter of routine, and as in being estimates and expectations rather than take-it-to-bank money.

Also, the "highights" of saving "more than $84 million" total just $1.5 million.

Maybe that's because if you go into the website's ( "success stories" you find stuff like big savings at the Liqour Control Board through better staff-scheduling at State Stores which, of course, Corbett wants to do away with.

Still, savings anywhere are good. And I'm betting citizens have some ideas on more savings. (There's a place on the Website to offer same). And, look, any money saved can go to paying what's certain to be huge legal fees to outside counsel for that NCAA litigation.

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