Full Moon Madness

(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: Yo, boss, ya know Wednesday, Nov. 28 is a full moon, right?

BE: Oh no. You're not going to go off on us, are you? You know that modern science says there's no link between full moons and madness, werewolves, vampires or even erratic behaviour, right?

JB: Yeah? Then how come "lunatic" is from root words in Latin, French and Middle English meaning "moonstruck?"

BE: It's about the science, including a new report from Canada's Laval University School of Psychology showing no links. It's about to be published in the journal General Hospital Psychiatry.

JB: That's Canada, ya hoser. And a journal named "General Hospital" sounds more soap opera than science.

BE: You don't believe in science?

JB: I believe in what cops and nurses say about the full moon. And didn't science tell us there's a "dark side" of the moon? Hah, there isn't. Sun hits all of it at some point. It's just Earth's pull that shows us only one side.

BE:Why are you even talking about the moon?

JB: Because it's clear to me our politics is now full-time full moon.

BE: I know I'll be sorry I asked, but why?

JB: We're coming out of a campaign that offered Donald Trump, a dog on a car roof, Joe Biden and a "change" president who said he can't change Washington.

BE: Politics is always a little crazy.

JB: Now we face a claim by financial advisor Porter Stansberry that Obama plans to seek a third term.

BE: Isn't that the same guy who produced the hour-plus infomercial "The End of America?"

JB: It is.

BE: Can someone produce something that will lead to "The End of Wacko Conspiracy Theories?"

JB: I doubt it. We also have Washington ga-ga over whether a guy named Grover still controls the future of the nation; a bunch of states appear seriously interested in secession; and a major snack company, Hostess, goes down the drain even as two states (Washington and Colorado) legalize marijuana.

BE: Well, that last point's well-taken. You'd think such legalization would be like a bail-out for snack companies.

JB: Want proof the nation's moonstruck? The number one movie in America is the Twilight Saga vampire flick "Breaking Dawn - Part 2." MITT ROMNEY WENT TO SEE IT!! Know what movie in the same franchise earned more money it's opening week? Wait for it...."New Moon."

BE: I think you're full of it.

JB: Grrrr. I mean howwlllll!